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PostSubject: XFIRE   Wed Aug 22, 2007 1:52 am

Xfire is the most well-known gamer's chat tool to come up since Ventrilo. This tool allows you to chat in-game (on supported games) without having to minimize or use a second monitor.

Skip to the bottom for a list of users who have agreed to make their names public.

Go to
At the top right there should be a link for new members (right above the log in area).
It will give you three steps to complete, first you must download the game (Directly from the site so you don't have to bother with mirrors). It basically installs itself.
Second, register your account (same way you register for anything, just enter in your personal info and verify your e-mail).
NOTE: Your name for Xfire cannot contain capital letters.
At this point you're basically done, the third step just talks about registering friends, etc.

Tips for using Xfire:

-By default, chatting in-game requires that you hold down the (scroll) button and press (X). In addition to this, you can change how this is done by going to Tools>Options>Chat>Activate In-Game Chat Key Binding. (Hint: It says you need to enter a two-key binding, but you don't Smile. I use the (Shift) key as my binding).

-To take a screenshot just hold down (Scroll) and press (S). Screenshots are automatically stored on your profile at and can be accessed by anyone. You can alter these as you will.

-If you're having trouble with downloading files in-game, etc., go to Tools>Options>Files and change the download rate for different statuses.

-For Vista users, as I'm sure you know by now, games require that you give them permission to use by running them in admin mode. Since Xfire has to access game material, it will also need admin permission, not only for itself but for the games. It will normally do this automatically at start-up (by bringing up a dialog), but you may have to give open access for each of the games.

-You can change skins of Xfire by going to Tools>Skins, then downloading skins from the More Skins... option. Most skins are submitted by users and many do not work very well (especially on Vista), but it's always fun to experiment.

-Though your name in Xfire must only have lowercase letters, you can give yourself a nickname that everyone will see when chatting with them. To change this, go to Tools>Options>General. Your nickname may contain virtually any character imaginable.

*List pending*

NOTE: Anyone interesting in giving a description of how the server tab works, please do. I think it's mostly meant for FPS games, and I don't play those.

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