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 The Listchecker

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PostSubject: The Listchecker   Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:25 am

For anyone who has played in a game where listchecker is hosting you know of the awesome power it has. The ability to join a game hosted on Bnet and still feel like your the one hosting it. Listchecker isnt for everyone tho, as Demo knows it won't work on Windows Vista, and you have to be able to host in order to use it. If anyone is interested in obtaining listchecker these are the instructions i would follow.

The List Checker
1. Create a folder on your desktop.(The name doesn't matter)
2. Go to for the files you will need.
3. Click BNCSutil.dll and when the file download screen pops up click save, then locate your empty folder you made and save the file in there.
4. Do the same for pickup.listchecker.exe and pickup.listchecker.ini.
5. After you have the 3 files in your folder open WarcraftIII, go to options/gameplay and change the port to a different one than 6112.
6. If you can only host on port 6112 then go to the topic PortForward and it should solve your problem.
7. Once you have changed your port go to your folder and open the file with the settings in it. You should know it when you see it. [pickup] is what is at the top.
8. Below [pickup] is , you will need to change it too being the server you will be using.
9. Fill in the rest of your information if you choose not to because you must type in your cd key then that is your decision.
10. After changing your settings remember to go to File and Save.
11. Now having modified your settings you can open your pickup.listchecker file.
12 When your ready to use it don't go to Bnet instead go to Local Area Network.
13. Find the game you would like to host then create it.
14. When your game is made you will notice right below your name is pkp.listchecker in the player 2 spot. Do not kick it for it will just come back.
15. The site that you dled the files from also list the commands that you use for it. You can take your time to familiarize yourself with these, but there pretty basic.
16. When hosting a public game remember to type /hostbnetpublic (game name), if you only type /hostbnet (game name) no one will be able to join. If your msg comes back that says Failed to make : Then it means there is already a game by that name being used.
17. To msg people on your f list you must type /startbnet to log in first, then you will be able to use the regular commands such as /f m /whois /f l and so on.
18. There are some draw backs for using listchecker tho, When you start your game you will not be able to message your friends until you start a new game or log back in the regular way in Bnet.
19. Using /refresh is an easy way to fill up the game quickly, /refresh acts as an auto refresher for listchecker so you don't have to refresh the slots manualy.
20. When you want to log back into Bnet simply close the listchecker and log in the way you normally would.

If you have any questions or still need help fill free to ask.

Just some screenshots i took
#1 Just created the game. ?9ddthdbvn41
#2 Typed /startbnet to log in. ?5e9ttta2ntd
#3 About to host Maze Of Honor 5. ?cd413elzxgn
#4 Game created with success. ?3kox5mztmzm
#5 Player joining public Bnet game. ?bmyntpzme4u
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PostSubject: Re: The Listchecker   Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:05 pm

This topic has been moved from general to User-submitted Information.

EDIT: This guide has been accepted to the Important Information category. If the creator objects to this, we will remove it.

Soul and Justin love you, Demo! Enjoy your new sig. Very Happy
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The Listchecker
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