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 Rules/Regulations (ALL READ)

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PostSubject: Rules/Regulations (ALL READ)   Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:05 pm

The following is an overview of the basic rules and regulations of this forum. They do not follow an order of precedence or importance, so do not treat one as more important as another. They are all to be followed strictly unless stated otherwise.

Spamming: Of course, no spamming. Though we hardly claim to be the most professional mazers on the planet, we do appreciate a certain amount of respect. Spamming will be treated with 3 warnings followed by an immediate suspension.

Flaming: This rule is simple: You flame, I ban. I have no tolerance for such things.

Language: Watch your language. This is a topic that is difficult to discern between the white and the black. We do not directly prohibit swearing/cursing, but we do not endorse the activity either, since we do appreciate an amount of dignity. Strictly speaking, anything less than the F word and the S word is acceptable. This will be treated the same as spamming.

Respect: Please respect each other. Yes, this even deserves its own line. We are a clan, we are supposed to work together, help each other out, practice our mazing skills, and just be better people. We deeply urge you to respect all people the same, and not hold grudges, people are not perfect. Even The Admins (This is Soul talking), screw up once in a while, so don't feel like you have to be perfect either. We just ask you to respect everyone around you.

//Other rules are pending.

Soul and Justin love you, Demo! Enjoy your new sig. Very Happy
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Rules/Regulations (ALL READ)
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