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PostSubject: Site Features   Sat Jul 28, 2007 6:09 am

The following is a basic overview of setting up on this site. This includes registering, altering your profile to include specific preferences, avatars, signatures, etc., private messages, and groups.

To register, simply click on the blinking "Register" icon that appears in the main menu panel (just below the intro image). Here, you will need to specify certain aspects about yourself, such as your real name, user name (should match that on WC), password, etc.

Private Messages
In this forums, like most, you have a personal little messaging system. To access you messages, click on the "Messages" icon that is also in the main menu panel. You can review your sent messages, your drafts, etc. And of course, there are several ways to send messages. You may click on a person's name in a thread and click the "PM" icon, and you can go to your "Messages" tab and hit "New Post".

An avatar is just a little something to express yourself (similar to a signature, which is explained below). This will appear in the top left of all of your posts, below your rank icon. To edit it, simply go to your profile in the navigation panel and click on the "avatar" link at the top right of the profile menu. Here, you can either import an avatar from your computer (just enter in the path or click "browse") or enter a URL for a picture from another site. The avatar can only be up to 100x100 px and no larger than 15kb (which is ample).

Signatures (Make sure you read the rules on signatures after reading this)
Signatures are much like avatars, but more expansive and fun to play around with. They can include link, pictures, and even flash files. To edit them, go to your profile, like avatars, and click on the "signature" link at the top right of the profile menu. Here, it looks very similar to how it would if you were simply making a post: You can write down thoughts, put in links, add images, etc. At the top, however, is a list of "tag buttons", these allow you to convert the text you are entering into a readable HTML format (or BBCode) and manipulate their properties. For example, if you wanted an image with a URL, you would have to put the tags [img][/img] around it. For example: (This is not a real URL). Experiment with the others tags and see what you can come up with.

//List pending

Soul and Justin love you, Demo! Enjoy your new sig. Very Happy
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Site Features
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